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Why choose Smoke Alarm Solutions?

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When it comes to professional smoke alarm safety, we’ve got you covered.

Smoke Alarm Solutions is your trusted, professional QLD smoke alarm installer and inspection partner. We understand the importance of having legally compliant smoke alarms in your property, whether you’re a homeowner, landlord, home seller, or real estate agent. With our range of comprehensive smoke alarm services tailored specifically for QLD regulations, we help ensure that your property remains safe and secure. Choose Smoke Alarm Solutions for peace of mind knowing that you’re taking proactive steps to protect what matters most.

Established in Queensland in 2007, we have the necessary experience to ensure a safe and efficient installation process. Our unrivalled knowledge of Queensland regulations and correct interconnected smoke alarm installation means we can ensure your property meets all the requirements. Our expert smoke alarm installers are continuously trained to have up-to-date knowledge, ensuring the correct alarm types, quantity and installation methods are used as per the latest legal requirements.

1. Compliance with Queensland smoke alarm legislation

Trust Smoke Alarm Solutions to help you meet the legal requirements as per Queensland smoke alarm laws. We provide expert guidance and solutions to ensure your property is legally compliant, protecting both properties and lives.

2. Professional smoke alarm installation & inspection services

With our professional smoke alarm installation and inspection services, we provide a hassle-free process from start to finish. Our expert technicians will install your smoke alarms quickly and effectively, ensuring they are positioned correctly according to Queensland smoke alarm regulations. We prioritise cleanliness during the installation process, leaving your property neat and tidy.

3. High-quality smoke alarms for peace of mind

We only use high-quality smoke alarm brands, designed to detect fire hazards efficiently and accurately. We can install interconnected smoke alarms in your property so you can comply with QLD smoke alarm legislation and ensure reliable protection of your property.

Our range of QLD smoke alarms services

Owner Occupiers:
Ensure the safety of your home and loved ones with our comprehensive smoke alarm services. We offer installation, maintenance, and compliance testing to keep your property protected and ahead of upcoming 2027 Queensland smoke alarm regulations for owner-occupied properties.

See our QLD Owner Occupiers Smoke Alarm Installation and Inspection Services

Home Sellers:
Don’t let non-compliant smoke alarms hinder the sale of your property. Ensure you meet the stringent requirements for interconnected smoke alarms when selling a property in Queensland. With penalties of up to 0.15% of the property sale price in QLD, you must have interconnected photoelectric smoke alarms installed in all bedrooms and other legally required locations. Our expert technicians can inspect and upgrade your smoke alarms to meet legal requirements, giving potential buyers peace of mind about their new home’s safety.

See our QLD Home Sellers Smoke Alarm Installation and Inspection Services

As a landlord, it is your responsibility to provide safe living conditions for tenants and there are legal specific requirements relating to smoke alarms. Our range of smoke alarm services include regular inspections as legally required at lease renewal/change and installation of interconnected alarms to ensure compliance with Queensland laws while keeping your investment secure.

See our QLD Landlords Smoke Alarm Installation and Inspection Services

Property Managers:
Simplify the management process by partnering with us for all things related to smoke alarms. From initial installations to ongoing maintenance and testing, we help you safeguard the properties under your care and ensure legal compliance.

See our QLD Managing Agent Smoke Alarm Installation and Inspection Services

What are the regulations for smoke alarms in Queensland?

There has been a raft of smoke alarm legislation set in Queensland that mandates the specific types and quantity of smoke alarms that must be installed in a property.

Given the additional protection that interconnected smoke alarms provide, the legislation has specific deadlines for when different property types must have these types of alarms installed:

Landlords and Property Managers (Rental Properties) – From the first lease after January 2022, smoke alarms in rental properties had to comply with the correct Australian Standard, be interconnected, and be installed in every bedroom as well as other key areas of the property.

Home Sellers – From 1 January 2022, smoke alarms in properties being sold have had to comply with the correct Australian Standard, be interconnected and be installed in every bedroom as well as other key areas of the property.

Owner Occupiers – Currently, the legal requirement for smoke alarms in owner-occupied properties is that they should, at minimum, be installed on each storey and between each part of the property containing bedrooms and the remainder of the property. Whilst it is not currently a legal requirement for owner-occupied properties to have interconnected smoke alarms installed, doing so can provide enhanced protection for your loved ones and your property in the case of a fire. Moreover, by 1 January 2027, owner-occupiers will have to meet the same stringent standards for interconnected alarms in every bedroom and other key areas of the property that rental properties and properties being sold currently need to meet. It’s important to note, if you are substantially renovating your property, you will need to meet these requirements immediately.

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Professional, affordable smoke alarm safety made easy

Whether you’re a homeowner, home seller, landlord or property manager, we know that you lead a busy life with lots of other tasks to tick off beyond smoke alarm safety! That’s why we’ve made it easy, fast and affordable to get your smoke alarms sorted with us.

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