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We understand the pressures on landlords are mounting every day.

Rapidly rising interest rates coupled with government pressure to limit rent increases has put landlords in Australia under immense pressure.

You’re likely facing increased costs, stricter regulations and rising tenant expectations that all challenge the return you’re getting from your investment in property.

With a growing range of legal requirements to meet in Victoria, including smoke alarms, gas and electrical appliances plus switchboard upgrades – the pressure is only increasing.

So, when it comes to smoke alarm compliance,
you need an affordable, hassle-free solution.

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We’ve got you covered.

Our industry-leading services allow you to affordably meet your legal duties, mitigate the risks of non-compliance and protect your tenants and property investment. We do all the heavy-lifting, saving you time and stress.  

  • We arrange tenant entry notices and access
  • We handle all tenant calls for sounding alarms with 24/7 support
  • We have options to manage your gas and electrical compliance too 
  • We monitor your property’s inspection due dates and compliance status

In short, we give you one less thing to worry about when it comes to managing your investment property.

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Smoke Alarm, Electrical & Gas
Bundled Packages

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All-in-One Solutions for Smoke Alarms, Gas & Electrical Safety Checks

As of 29 March, 2021, Residential Tenancies Regulations 2021 has been in place which mandates a higher level of safety in Victorian rental properties, including

  • Smoke Alarm Safety Inspection – to be carried out every year
  • Electrical Safety Inspection – to be carried out every two years
  • Gas Safety Inspection (where applicable) – to be carried out every two years

We offer two cost-effective solutions to ensure you comply with these requirements:

Option 1: Home Safe Solutions Subscription

Our Home Safe Solutions Subscription ensures your property complies with the new smoke alarm, electrical and gas safety requirements all within one affordable, bundled package.

Option 1) Home Safe Solutions Subscription Plans

Safety Checks Required Year 1* Year 2* Year 3* Year 4^
A) Smoke Alarm and Electrical $289 $99 $289 $99
B) Smoke Alarm, Electrical and Gas (1 Appliance) $649 $99 $649 $99
C) Smoke Alarm, Electrical and Gas (2+ Appliances) $699 $99 $699 $99

*Year 1 and 3 (and every second year after) includes gas, electrical and smoke alarm compliance inspections.
^Year 2 and 4 (and every second year after) include smoke alarm compliance inspections only. All prices are inclusive of GST.

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Option 2: Add-On to Existing Platinum Smoke Alarm Subscription

If your property is currently enrolled in the Platinum Smoke Alarm Subscription, you can access the following add-on service pricing for gas and electrical safety checks. The below inspections are required every second year to meet legislation.

Option 2) Add-on Pricing For Existing Platinum Smoke Alarm Subscription customers

Type of Inspection Add-on Price*
A) Electrical Inspection $289
B) 1 Gas Appliance $369
C) 2+ Gas Appliances $429
D) Electrical +1 Gas Appliance $658
E) Electrical +2 Gas Appliances $718

*Prices are valid when property enrolled in Platinum Smoke Alarm Subscription.
Prices are inclusive of GST.

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Both options provide:
Smoke Alarms
  • An annual compliance inspection to ensure smoke alarms are compliant.
  • Free re-attendance when beeping or faulty alarms require attention.
  • Free installation or replacement of any faulty, expired, missing or damaged 9 volt or 240 volt smoke alrams if required by legislation.
  • 24/7 Emergency Service for sounding smoke alarms requiring attention*
  • A compliance report following each inspection.
Electrical Appliances
  • A check of all landlord supplied electrical appliances, fittings and installations including earth loop and polarity tests of all accessible power points.
  • Free replacement of faulty or damaged safety switches, circuit breakers and standard light switches and power points at initial visit.
  • We will provide a 12 month warranty on any repaired or replaced electrical item.
  • A compliance report following each inspection.
Gas Appliances
  • A check of the gas line and all landlord supplied gas appliances for faults and carbon monoxide leaks.
  • Free replacement of faulty or damaged thermocouples and the protection of synthetic pipework at initial visit.
  • We will provide a 12 month warranty on any repaired or replaced gas fitting.
  • 6 year defective workmanship insurance on gas rectification works.
  • A compliance report following each inspection.

*Eligibility and full terms & conditions can be found here.

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Electrical Switchboard Upgrades

Prices from $480^

Rental providers must make sure a property meets new minimum standards under the Residential Tenancies Act 1997 which includes ensuring modern style switchboards, with circuit breakers and electrical safety switches are installed.

The consequences for non-compliance are serious. Tenants can terminate the lease without notice or penalty prior to moving in and landlords can incur up to $2,500 in rectification costs for failing to respond to an “urgent repair” request.

^See terms and conditions for full details.

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Ongoing Annual Smoke Alarm
Inspection & Maintenance

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Platinum Subscription Package: $119 per property, per year

Our Platinum package covers smoke alarm inspections at your property within a year as per legislative requirements, as well as the free installation and replacement of smoke alarms required for compliance.


  • Annual smoke alarm inspection to ensure compliance.
  • Compliance report following each inspection.
  • Free installation or replacement of smoke alarms when found to be missing, damaged, faulty or expired and required for compliance. We will install on a like-for-like basis.
  • Ongoing access to our 24/7 Emergency Service for sounding smoke alarms*.
  • Complimentary re-attendance for beeping or faulty smoke alarms requiring attention.
  • Optional add-on services (additional fee applies) – corded window safety devices, safety switch testing and water meter reading.

Smoke alarms will only be installed or replaced if required for compliance. This subscription complies properties with current state and federal legislative requirements only.

*Eligibility and full terms & conditions can be found here.

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If there are sounding alarms in your property, tenants can simply call us at any time and our team will troubleshoot the issue.

Add-On Safety Checks

We can perform additional safety checks at the same time as our smoke alarm inspections and installations. Let us help you to avoid arranging separate access with your tenants and additional call out costs from your trades.

Corded Blind Safety Devices

Water Meter Readings

Safety Switch Testing

Selling Your Property

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Pre-Sale Inspection Service: $100 per visit

Our Pre-Sale Inspection Service ensures the smoke alarms in your property meet relevant Australian standards prior to sale.


  • Service, clean and test all smoke alarms installed in the property.
  • Replacement of 9 volt batteries where required.
  • Compliance report confirming the property meets legislative standards or a quotation for any rectification work required to achieve this.
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