Your Responsibilities As A Tenant


Tenants must:

  • Test and clean (by vacuuming or dusting) smoke alarms at least once every 12 months
  • Replace any flat or nearly flat batteries
  • Advise the property manager/owner if if there is any issue with the alarm (apart from batteries)
  • Allow the property manager/owner right of entry to install smoke alarms

A tenant must not remove a smoke alarm, remove the battery (other than to replace it) or do anything to reduce the effectiveness of the alarm (e.g paint it).


Tenants must:

  • Test the smoke alarm every month to make sure it is working
  • Contact the agent or landlord if the smoke alarm is not working
  • Contact the agent or landlord if the smoke alarm omits an occasional chirping noise as the battery or smoke alarm may be faulty

New South Wales

It is a term of every residential tenancy agreement that the tenant is responsible for replacing batteries in any smoke alarms during the tenancy. (NSW Fire and Rescue provides a smoke alarm and battery replacement service for people over 65 or people with disability who have no-one to assist them.)

It is also a term of every residential agreement that neither the landlord nor the tenant shall interfere with the operation of a smoke alarm without a reasonable excuse. If a smoke alarm give false alarms, do not remove the battery or disable it.

If a tenant is physically unable to change the battery, the tenant is required to notify the landlord as soon as practiable after becoming aware of the need for it to be replaced. 

South Australia and Australian Capital Territory

It is good practice for tenants to clean and test all smoke alarms, and replace batteries in battery powered smoke alarms. Please contact your landlord or agent if the alarm beeps and needs attention. Tenants should not remove smoke alarms for any reason.