For your convenience we offer support such as entry notices, text message reminders and change of appointment booking requests. We make crucial smoke alarm maintenance easy and hassle-free.


For your convenience we offer support such as entry notices, text message reminders and change of booking requests. We make crucial smoke alarm maintenance easy and hassle-free.

Tenant Information

Your real estate agency may employ us to look after the servicing of smoke alarms in your home. Our job is to make your property compliant to current legislation so that you and your family are fully protected and receive early warning in the event of house fire. Your safety is our number one priority.

We understand that having someone enter your home might feel intrusive. We aim to make your property safe against the dangers in the most efficient manner possible. 

We will always notify you of our upcoming inspections via either a clear and informative letter in the mail, a text message, email or all three methods. If you wish to change a scheduled inspection time or date, please do so via our tenant change request form. 

Why do we need to access your home?installatiomn tenantpage

Your managing agent has a duty of care to ensure that your home is a safe environment. Federal Government legislation requires that landlords ensure their rental property is fitted with the required number of working smoke alarms compliant with AS 3786, and they are installed as outlined in the Building Code of Australia (BCA) part This legislation is applicable to all states of Australia. 

Each state has additional, differing, requirements for smoke alarms. You can read about your specific state's legislation here. 

Smoke Alarm Solutions will ensure that all smoke alarms are tested, cleaned and maintained on an ongoing basis. This service also includes replacing 9 volt batteries where required - saving you any additional costs. 

When will our technician attend your property?

Access to your property is required at least once per year. You will receive a standard entry notice/notice to enter in the post from Smoke Alarm Solutions. This will outline the date, time range and the technician/electrician who will be inspecting the property. We will also make contact with you via SMS to advise of the upcoming smoke alarm inspection. 

Should you wish to be at the property when they attend, simply call Smoke Alarm Solutions when you receive the entry notice/ notice to enter or text message to specify an alternate date or time range between 8.30am and 5pm (Monday to Friday). If you do not respond to our letter or text message your agent will supply keys for the technician to access the property to ensure your home remains a safe environment for you and your family. Please note that we are unable to determine how long the inspections will take.

Things to note for your inspection:
  • You are welcome to call our office up to 24 hours prior to the scheduled date to re-schedule should you wish to be present and find the date or time not suitable.
  • In the event that you will not be home, please restrain any dogs or let us know if any animals are confined in the house.
  • Our technicians will not enter a property if there is a child aged 16 or under home alone. The inspection will need to be rescheduled.
  • Please disarm any security alarms that will prevent access.
  • If you have disarmed or removed any smoke alarms, please ensure the alarms are placed in a noticeable location so that our technicians can service accordingly.
  • Our technician may require access to every room on your property to certify smoke alarm compliance. Please ensure clear access to all rooms.
  • Due to health and safety reasons our technicians are unable to remove their shoes, however make every effort to ensure their shoes are clean before entering your home.
  • Our technician will leave a card to show that they have attended and will treat your property with respect and clean up before leaving.

Our attendance is to meet Government legislation and to help ensure your personal safety.

Additional inspections and servicing may have also been requested by your agent. They may include –

Corded window furnishings

There are mandatory standards regulating the design, construction and labelling of corded window furnishings following the identification of a major risk of strangulation of young children. We would appreciate you ensure clear access to all corded window furnishings.

Safety switch test

For the safety and peace of mind of residents, it is essential that safety switches are in working order. If this test is carried out, please note that the temporary power outage may require your clocks to be reset. As the attending technician may require access to your meter box, could you please ensure there is nothing restricting access to this location.

Peace of mindRickyandladderandcar

All Smoke Alarm Solutions’ technicians are uniformed, carry photo identification and are criminal history checked. They are professionally trained and drive sign-written vehicles. They will clean up after themselves and leave a courtesy card stating that they have attended your property and serviced the alarms.

My alarm is beeping!

In the event that your smoke alarm should false alarm or start beeping, please contact your Property Manager in the first instance they will arrange a Smoke Alarm Solutions technician to attend the property to rectify the situation.

If your issue has occurred after hours you may be able to find some information by identifying the brand of your alarm and following instructions listed in our smoke alarm manuals page. 

Thank you for cooperation, you’re helping to ensure the ongoing safety of your home!

Smoke Alarm Solutions is Australia's leading provider of smoke alarm services to the real estate industry.

Smoke Alarm Solutions is Australia's leading provider of smoke alarm services to the real estate industry.

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