Tenant FAQs

Do I need to be home for you to complete the service?

You are not required to be home when we attend. We aim to be as accommodating as possible to ensure your privacy is respected and the home is compliant. We provide an entry notice/text message and give a window of arrival time to allow you to decide to be home for the inspection if you wish. However, if you are unavailable and do not wish to be home we can arrange to pick up keys from your agent to enter the premises.

How do I reschedule or cancel an appointment?

We know that sometimes circumstances change. We can change the time for your convenience.

If your booking is in less than 48 hours: Please contact our bookings team via 1300 852 301 press 1 for the rescheduling line and one of our friendly team will support you through this process to arrange a new time.

If your booking is more than 48 hours away: Please complete this online form and we'll process the cancellation and/or do our best to reschedule to your preferred alternative date.

Why do you need to access my home?

Our reason for entry is categorised under “routine repairs and maintenance” to inspect/service/install/repair the smoke alarms. Your managing agent has a duty of care to ensure that your home is a safe environment. Federal Government legislation requires that landlords ensure their rental property is fitted with the required number of working smoke alarms compliant with AS 3786, and they are installed as outlined in the Building Code of Australia (BCA) part This legislation is applicable to all states of Australia. Each state has additional, differing, requirements for smoke alarms. You can read about your specific state's legislation here.

Do you have an afterhours emergency service?

Yes, our 24/7 emergency service number is 1300 853 612 and is available outside of our business hours. This number is available for use for sounding smoke alarms and will connect you with one of our technicians who will assist in disarming the smoke alarms.

Please note our afterhours emergency service is only available to properties that are under certain subscriptions with us and are within eligible regions. If your home is not under one of these subscriptions a call out fee will be charged. We recommend you check with your agency to see if your home is eligible.

Eligible Regions for 24/7 Emergency are as follows*

Brisbane 150km
Rockhampton 50km
Mackay 50km
Cairns 50km
Townsville 50km
Melbourne 50km
Adelaide 50km

*All distances are as the crow flies from the relevant General Post Office.
*Islands that are inaccessible by road are ineligible for the 24/7 emergency service.

Why is my smoke alarm beeping after your attendance?

Sometimes it can take a while for the alarm to reset itself after the hush button has been pressed, which can cause your alarm to sound. If you are still having issues with your alarm, please contact your real estate agency and inform them of this issue and they will arrange for Smoke Alarm Solutions to service the property. If your issue has occurred after hours, you may be eligible for our afterhours emergency service or visit our website here to download the manual for the smoke alarms we have installed in your home which will include instructions on how to hush the alarm. Please note, you will need to identify the brand and model of your alarm.

My smoke alarms are falsely sounding – how do I stop them?

The first step is always to check and ensure there is no danger present before hushing a sounding smoke alarm.

Do not remove the battery as the smoke alarms will no longer be fully functional and provide protection against the dangers of a house fire. We instead recommend you ‘hush’ the smoke alarm as this resets the alarm and leaves it functional.

Hushing a sounding smoke alarm can be dependant on the brand. Generally, a smoke alarm can be silenced by locating the hush button and pressing it. This will trigger a reset of the alarm which may take a few minutes. During this time, you may hear occasional beeps before it falls silent.

If pressing the hush button does not work, you will have to identify the brand and model of the smoke alarm and follow their specific instructions on hushing. We have some resources below that may assist you:

  • To view all our alarm manuals please click here.
  • For instructions and a step by step guide on how to stop beeping alarms from our supplied brands click here.

WARNING: If you damage/activate end of life, you will be charged for the alarm replacement. Alarm costs start from $124 per alarm.

Whose responsibility is it for battery replacements in smoke alarms?

During your tenancy you are responsible for replacing batteries that have become flat in smoke alarms with replaceable batteries.

How do I know if a smoke alarm’s battery is flat?

A smoke alarm with a flat battery will make a short and sharp chirping sound constantly. The alarm will chirp approximately every 30 to 60 seconds for a minimum of seven days.

Why did you install a second alarm next to an existing alarm?

A second smoke alarm installed right next to an existing alarm is usually installed as a temporary alarm. If one of our technicians finds a hardwired alarm that needs to be replaced they will install a temporary 9-volt alarm covering the hardwired alarm to ensure a level of safety whilst we arrange for an electrician to attend.

Why is there a smoke alarm mounted on my wall instead of the ceiling?

Wall mounted alarms are perfectly acceptable in both the Building Code of Australia and smoke alarm legislation. They are however not the preferred installation method but can be utilised if there are ceiling access issues as found with cement ceilings or in the presence of a material that likely contains asbestos.