How do I stop a smoke alarm from continually chirping/beeping?

If no danger is present, press the hush button to silence the alarm. The alarm will beep frequently for approximately 8-10 minutes as it resets itself and returns to normal operation. If multiple alarms are interconnected, then you may have to press more than one hush button depending on the brand of the alarm. The alarm that sounded first will have a flashing red LED light. Please take note of this alarm as it will aid us in identifying the potentially faulty alarm. Sometimes it can take a while for the alarm to reset itself after the hush button has been pressed, which can cause beeping. If you are still having issues with your alarm, please contact your agency and inform them of this issue and they will arrange for Smoke Alarm Solutions to service the property. If your issue has occurred after hours you may be able to find some information by identifying the brand of your alarm and following instructions listed below in the relevant manual.