$99 No More to Pay Service 

When selling a property in Australia, the vendor is required to lodge specific transfer documentation. The seller advises the buyer that the property to be sold complies with relevant legislation, in particular, that compliant smoke alarms are installed. The Building Code of Australia also states that the required number of smoke alarms compliant to Australian Standard 3786 must be installed in the correct locations within a domestic building. In some states, the seller also gives notice to the buyer that an approved safety switch is installed in the property. In order to fulfil responsibilities prior to sale and to prevent potential penalties, qualified advice should be sought. Smoke Alarm Solutions offers a comprehensive Seller’s Compliance Package for only $99 that will assist in meeting your requirements as a Seller.

As part of the Seller’s Compliance Package, we will:

  • Service, clean and test all smoke alarms installed in the property
  • Replace any expired alarms for FREE, as required by legislation
  • Install additional alarms for FREE, as required by legislation++
  • Replace 9 volt batteries
  • Provide the Seller or Agent with a Compliance Certificate
  • COMPLIMENTARY 3 month after-care package forbeeping smoke alarms.

++If a Queensland property being sold is found to have two or more interconnected bedroom smoke alarms and we are required to install or replace smoke alarms for New Requirements, additional costs will apply.


Ensure your duty of care 
has been met.