Property Managers FAQs

What is the turnaround time for attendance at my properties?

We aim to attend most properties within two weeks or less and we often complete jobs much sooner than this, however, turnaround time is dependent upon location, current demand and sometimes other factors that are outside of our control.

Do you have a customer service promise?

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. We maintain a positive company culture enabling our team to deliver consistent, high-quality service for all stakeholders. You are right to expect courteous, respectful and professional staff engagement. We invest in our team through ongoing training and upskilling as we value career growth for everyone within the Smoke Alarm Solutions family.

Do you have an afterhours emergency service?

Our 24/7 emergency service number is 1300 853 612 (between the hours of 5pm to 8:30 am Monday-Friday and all weekend) and is available as part of our $99 Platinum and $129 Ultimate packages. If your properties are not enrolled in either of these services, the call out charge will be in the sum of up to $175. In the first instance, we suggest you speak to your real estate agent who may be able to organise for our technician to attend the property and confirm if the alarm is faulty. 

Eligible Regions for 24/7 Emergency are as follows*

Brisbane 150km
Rockhampton 50km
Mackay 50km
Cairns 50km
Townsville 50km
Melbourne 50km
Adelaide 50km

*All distances are as the crow flies from the relevant General Post Office.

*Islands that are inaccessible by road are ineligible for the 24/7 emergency service.

Do you offer an agency portal?

Our Solutions Portal is the simple solution to managing smoke alarm compliance. The portal has been designed to make your life easier in the most user-friendly way possible. Our online portal will provide you with 24/7 access to manage your property portfolio. With just a click of a mouse you can view full details of every property, last inspection dates, download copies of Compliance Reports and invoices, check a status of work order and more. Need access to the portal? Please email us at and we will provide you login details after we have confirmed a few important questions. 

I’m a Property Manager and would like to sign up with your service. How do I go about this?

Our friendly team is always here to assist. Call on 1300 852 301 and press 2 for the Property Managers line or email and one of our friendly Account Managers will make contact to step you through the sign-up process.

Are you already with another service provider and want to make the switch to Smoke Alarm Solutions?

Smoke Alarm Solutions will happily honour any existing annual service at no additional cost to you or your Landlords. We will attend the property and service the smoke alarms free of charge until the expiry of the current provider’s agreement.

Only when the annual service is due for renewal will an annual service fee be requested*. Should a smoke alarm require replacement, or an additional alarm need to be installed prior to the first annual invoice being paid, your Landlord has the option of bringing forward the renewal date of the service or paying for the alarm itself.

*If we attend and service the property, and the Landlord chooses not to continue with Smoke Alarm Solutions, a once off cost of $80 or $100 will be applied (depending on alarm configuration).

Please note, unfortunately we are unable to offer this for Home Safe Solution service.

When do I pay the subscription fee and when does the smoke alarm subscription commence?

Most clients sit under our first billing option (Billing Option One outlined below); however, we do have a second option available for clients. For the majority of our customers, the billing cycle commences as soon as we attend your property under an annual service for the first time, and this is also when the yearly subscription begins. There are cases throughout the year where we are required to attend the property for legislation requirements such as lease renewal etc. This updates the last inspection date on the Solutions Portal, however the annual invoice date does not change.

Example: ABC Realty have a last inspection date 23/03/2022. On the Solutions Portal and from that sometimes the clients assume 23/03/2023 will be when the property is covered until. When in fact the property’s invoice date is when the subscription commenced (5 months earlier) on the 16/10/2021 and therefore the annual invoice date for the subscription renewal is 16/10/2022.

Billing Option One
- Is our default payment option.

1. Property inspected to ensure compliance.

2. Annual service invoice sent to the agency for landlord to pay.

3. Annual renewal invoice sent to the agency one month prior to the expiry of service for payment.

Under this option, we will attend properties when a work order is received. We will also attend properties at the 12 month anniversary of last inspection. While you may cancel at any time, refunds of (part of or all of) the annual subscription paid by you in respect of any year will be payable in accordance with our terms of service.

Billing Option Two - Only available by request.

1. Property inspected to ensure compliance, as per instruction via work order from agency.

2. Annual service invoice sent to agency for landlord to pay.

3. A report will be sent each month to outline all properties approaching renewal of service in the next 60-90 days.

4. Property manager ticks ‘cancel’ or ‘continue’ next to each property address on report and returns to Smoke Alarm Solutions.

a) If service is continued, the property is inspected, and the annual service invoice is issued to agency.

b) If service is cancelled, the property is made inactive and not inspected.

I have received an email stating some of my properties are on hold. What do I need to do?

Below are the number of reasons we put a property on hold with explanations of how to action.

Awaiting agent response: A request for further information has been sent and a response is required for us to proceed with scheduling the inspection.

Awaiting approval: We are waiting on approval to proceed with work required to ensure the property is compliant. Please provide approval via email/work order or request further information if needed.

Awaiting payment: There is an overdue invoice relating to this property. No inspections will be scheduled or completed until payment is received.

Cannot contact tenant: We have been unable to contact the tenant to schedule the inspection. Access arrangements must be made by your agency.

Awaiting tenant details: Tenant details are required to complete the inspection (either no tenant details have been received or the tenant details we have on file are obsolete).

Tenant advised unavailable: The tenant has advised they are unable to provide access to the property, however access cannot be gained without them. Access arrangements must be made by your agency.

On the day of inspection, there are some situations where our technicians have to reschedule appointments due to circumstances outside of their or our control. When this happens, we notify the occupant of the property as soon as possible and we then reschedule an appointment at the next available timeslot.

Do you have any educational resources?

Yes, we offer a variety of resources including:

  • Sales Brochures

To support the communication with your landlords relating to our service, we offer complimentary brochures for you to distribute to your new or existing clients. To order your digital or hard copy brochures, Click here.

  • Video Collateral

We have a series of short videos that provide information on various state-based legislations. Each video talks about a different aspect in detail to ensure you can discover how any changes to legislation affects your individual circumstance. Click here to view our YouTube Channel.

  • Webinars and sales team-hosted training for staff

Smoke Alarm Solutions has hosted multiple legislation training events for property managers, sales agents, landlords and homeowners. We also work closely with the REIQ as a partner to ensure property managers are aware of any changes that need to be passed onto their landlords.

What training do you offer internally?

Our technicians and electricians must complete intensive initial training in both legislation and company policies and processes before they begin working in the field. We also conduct regular auditing of all work completed and provide ongoing training and assessment to ensure the highest service delivery levels are met by our team.                                 

What brand of smoke alarms do you install?

At Smoke Alarm Solutions, we only install high quality products. As we carry out maintenance of the alarms we install, we don’t compromise on quality, and we are constantly working closely with our provider to ensure our alarms continue to meet the highest standards in Australia. We proudly install Emerald Alarms and have experienced less than 1% fault rate to-date. 

Do you use ‘smoke in a can’ or compressed air to test and clean smoke alarms?

We no longer use smoke-in-a-can or compressed air when cleaning a smoke alarm as it is not recommended by the manufacturer’s instructions. Our approach is to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for maintenance.

Can you install smoke alarms on asbestos roofs and walls?

Working on/with asbestos isn’t illegal as the installation of smoke alarms on asbestos is only classed as asbestos-related work and does not require a license. There are however strict guidelines on the handling and disposal of all contaminated material after installation as well as health risks associated with both our installers and the occupants of the dwelling. With this in mind, Smoke Alarm Solutions have adopted a best practice approach and have eliminated the hazard altogether by not disturbing Asbestos. Safe Work Queensland backs this approach as elimination is better than any control measures that could be implemented. The legislation also backs this approach in the sense that it allows for battery operated smoke alarms to be installed as opposed to hard wired. Health and Safety always takes precedence over everything else in the workplace and SAS takes that very seriously.

However, there are ways to avoid installing smoke alarms on asbestos-containing material and still comply to the new legislation. For example here at Smoke Alarm Solutions, where asbestos containing material is present, our technicians will install smoke alarms:

  • on timber strips or any other material on the ceiling that is not asbestos, where present.
  • using double-sided tape, where alarms cannot be screwed into the ceiling.
  • on to the wall, where the ceiling has sprayed on plaster which contains asbestos fibers.
My tenant’s smoke alarms are sounding. Can they remove the battery to stop this?

There are many reasons a smoke alarm can falsely sound. We recommend you do not remove the battery as this means your smoke alarms will no longer provide protection against the dangers of fire. We suggest you press the hush button which should be on the front of the alarm depending on the brand. The hush button will reset the alarm. During this time, your tenants may hear occasional beeps before it falls silent. If your tenant is still having issues with their alarm after they take these steps, please contact us to arrange for a technician to service the property. Alternatively, if they locate the correct brand and type of alarm in the property, they can read the manual to work out the relevant disarming instructions. Smoke alarms manuals can be found here.

How do you ensure privacy of my clients’ information?

We understand compliance matters are of extreme importance to you and your clients and our service requires a great deal of trust.

As we need to communicate directly with tenants to arrange access to carry out our smoke alarm service, keeping your clients’ information confidential is important to us, and we take our responsibility regarding the security of their personal information very seriously.           

Do you have feedback/complaint to provide us the opportunity to improve?

At Smoke Alarm Solutions, we strive to provide excellent service with every encounter. If this service doesn’t meet your expectation, we would love the opportunity to investigate this for you. Please send through the property address and your contact details to and we will gladly investigate and provide you with more detail.