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Areas we service: Your property must be located within a 50km radius of Cairns, Townsville, Mackay, and within approx. 150km radius of Brisbane, Melbourne or Adelaide. If you are not sure if your property location is within the areas we service, please call us on 1300 852 301 to confirm before proceeding with this booking.
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Please note: We are unable to service properties that have Low Voltage Alarms/Detectors or buildings other than Class 1a and Class 2 (sole occupancy) Building.

Service Inclusions

Once-Off Inspection
Under this service, we will clean, test and maintain all smoke alarms in a property to ensure it meets current State and Federal
legislation. Any alarm required to be installed or replaced in order to meet compliance, will be charged at an extra cost. We will
provide a compliance report following this inspection as proof of our visit.
^Price will increase to to $100 if property found to have interconnected alarms in bedrooms

Platinum Annual Package
Our Platinum Annual Smoke Alarm Service includes all smoke alarm inspections required for current compliance standards*. All
smoke alarms are installed or replaced free of charge. If your smoke alarms are found to be faulty, expired, missing or damaged, or if
you require any additional smoke alarms in order to comply with legislation, these will be replaced or installed free of charge. This is
truly a comprehensive, no-more-to-pay service.
*In order to comply with 2022 Queensland Legislation, you will need to enrol your property in the Ultimate Subscription.

Ultimate Subscription (Only available in Queensland)
Suitable for properties with interconnected smoke alarms in bedrooms.
Inspection inclusions:
• Attendance at lease renewal or change to ensure maintenance requirements are met+
• Complimentary re-attendance for beeping or faulty smoke alarms requiring attention
• Compliance report following each inspection outlining if property compliant to current legislation or Queensland 2022 legislation
• If property deemed non-compliant to Queensland 2022 legislation, we will ensure property is compliant to current Queensland
legislation ~ and provide quote to upgrade to Queensland 2022 legislation
In order to comply with Queensland 2022 legislation, interconnected, photoelectric 240 volt or 10 year lithium battery operated
smoke alarms meeting AS 3786:2014 will need to be installed in bedrooms, hallways with bedrooms exit points, bedroom exit
points to remainder of house and every other storey not containing bedrooms at a cost of $169 for PSA brand smoke alarms or
$229 for Brooks brand smoke alarms.
+If we are requested to re-attend a property to provide a compliance report following upgrade by another company, a charge of $100 will apply.
~We will make property compliant to Fire and Rescue Services (Domestics Smoke Alarms) Amendment Act 2006 (QLD).

Sellers Compliance Package
In order to fulfil responsibilities prior to sale and to prevent potential penalties, qualified advice should be sought. Smoke Alarm Solutions offers a comprehensive Seller’s Compliance Package for only $99 that will assist in meeting your requirements as a Seller.

  • Service, clean and test all smoke alarms installed in the property
  • Replace any expired alarms for FREE, as required by legislation
  • Install additional alarms for FREE, as required by legislation
  • Replace 9 volt batteries
  • Provide the Seller or Agent with a Compliance Certificate
  • COMPLIMENTARY 3 month after-care package for beeping smoke alarms.

Safety Switch Function Test
We can carry out Safety Switch Function Test when requested and in conjunction with a scheduled smo ke alarm inspection. (We
will not carry out safety switch function test when we are attending to a faulty or beeping alarm that needs attention, nor as an
individual service.) We will carry out this service by pressing a test button located on the safety switch. If it flicks off and cuts the
power, we turn the safety switch back on.

Corded Window Compliance
Under this service, we ensure that all blind cords in a property are brought up to the Competition and Consumer Corded Internal
Window Coverings Safety Standard 2014 (‘Regulations’), which relates to the installation of corded blinds. Within this service, we do
not replace or repair the blinds however we will make mention of damaged blinds, if noticed. In order to bring blind cords within the
mandatory standards, we may install a cord guide, cleat, tensioning devices, warning label or a mix of these devices. Some of these
devices may require the occupant(s) to take action to tie the blind cord.