One in three rental properties falsely certified as adhering Queensland’s new Smoke Alarm Legislation Act

Smoke Alarm RectificationExclusive new research has discovered one in three rental properties have been falsely certified as adhering to Queensland’s news Smoke Alarm Legislation Act.

In the past month, Smoke Alarm Solutions has inspected 468 properties and discovered 151 homes (32 per cent) have been falsely certified.

Smoke Alarm Solutions CEO Cameron Davis said more than 11 falsely certified properties are being discovered by the company each day.

“We’re headed for a repeat of the pink bats fiasco and the pool fence compliance debacle,” Mr Davis said.

“The new Smoke Alarm Legislation Act is vital because it protects Queenslanders, but it must be implemented properly.

“We’ve discovered the tip of the iceberg. I shudder to think how many thousands of properties have had smoke alarms incorrectly installed by unprofessional and unscrupulous installers, out to make a quick buck.

“What we’ve discovered is unqualified electricians using out-dated stock that doesn’t adhere to Queensland’s new Smoke Alarm Legislation Act.

“Smoke Alarm Testing QLD is a specialist job. Electricians, like the team at Smoke Alarm Solutions must have a thorough understanding of current Australian Standards and be well versed in Queensland’s new Smoke Alarm Legislation Act including dead air locations.

The overhaul of Queensland’s Smoke Alarm Legislation Act, which will come into effect 1 January 2022 and impact the state’s 550,000 rental properties.

Introduced following an inquest into the tragic death of 11 people in a house fire at Slacks Creek in 2011, the legislation means every Queensland rental must:

- Have smoke alarms installed in every bedroom; 
- Have smoke alarms powered by either 240 volt or 10-year lithium batteries;
- Have interconnected smoke alarms; 
- Have photoelectric smoke alarms;
- Ensure smoke alarms meet Australian Standard 3876:2014.

The deadline is rapidly approaching and exclusive new research compiled by Smoke Alarm Solutions has discovered a frightening number of residents are yet to implement Queensland’s new Smoke Alarm Legislation Act.

As of 1 February, there are 732 working days until the legislation becomes law. This equates to 748 Queensland rental properties a day requiring updating.

Smoke Alarm Solutions, in partnership with the Real Estate Institute of Queensland have notified Property Managers about the dangers of not complying by the deadline date.

Mr Davis said there could be serious consequences if Property Managers and landlords are not compliant by 1 January 2022.

“Properties will be unrentable and landlord insurance could be rendered void, Mr Davis said.

“We’re about to reach the tipping point. Rental property owners have 35 months to upgrade 540,000 plus properties. If things don’t change, and fast, this goal will be unreachable.

“Smoke Alarm Solutions’ primary aim is to provide a cost-effective and user-friendly service that will reduce the liability and stress surrounding such an imperative and intricate set of guidelines involved with the new Smoke Alarm Legislation Act.

Smoke Alarm Solutions is the largest provider of smoke alarm compliance and maintenance services to the Australian real estate industry and is ten times the size of its nearest Smoke Alarms QLD competitor.

The company provides a comprehensive risk-mitigation service down Australia’s eastern seaboard, which ensures landlords do adhere to their legislative responsibilities, property managers meet their duty of care requirements and tenants are safe from the dangers of fire.

Smoke Alarm Solutions has also been proactive in educating the sector via its informative investor and Property Manager new legislation breakfasts and sessions, as well as partnering with the REIQ at their education events.